Pilates services for pregnancy, postnatal women and the general public

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise which focuses on improved core strength and control, posture, flexibility, efficient movement patterns, correct breathing and the mind-body connection of movement and rehabilitation. While Pilates is an increasingly popular form of exercise, it was actually developed by Joseph Pilates as a rehabilitation tool. As an Occupational Therapist, Sarah’s training in Pilates has focused heavily on using pilates for rehabilitation, therefore her sessions are structured with recovery and rehabilitation in mind.

Pilates for Mums

Held on Thursday mornings, these classes are a mat class open to Mums with children from newborns to pre-schoolers. Pilates for Mums classes are tailored to the specific needs of the women taking the class at any time, and are limited to six participants per class. Before you can join the class, you are required to undertake a 1:1 consultation with Occupational Therapist and Pilates Instructor, Sarah, to undertake a postnatal assessment, in order to determine where your body is at in regards to postnatal recovery, and also to ensure we devise a suitable and effective pilates program for your individual needs on an ongoing basis. For more information contact Sarah by email at sarah@bloomwellbeing.com.au

Curvy Pilates

These classes are a monthly standard mat classes, but specifically held for women who may not feel 100pc confident in their own bodies. At Bloom Wellbeing, we truly believe Pilates is for ‘EVERY’body – but we also know that not everyone is confident in their own skin, and many women feel self conscious starting any new kind of physical movement endeavour. Curvy Pilates is a safe place – where all women are welcomed, where they can learn real Pilates from another woman who understands how they feel – no mirrors, no judgement, no negative self-talk, and absolutely no body shaming of any kind. Suitable for all fitness levels.

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