Small Steps to Mindfulness

I get it. You’re busy.

And stressed. And exhausted. And so, so overwhelmed.

You’ve heard how great mindfulness is for stress levels, anxiety and overwhelm. But honestly, there’s just no way you can carve out an hour every single day to sit down and meditate uninterrupted. On the odd occasion you’ve tried your me-time has been interrupted by a toddler banging on the bedroom door, or a husband ducking their head in to ask where the nappy rash cream is. Finding even 20 peaceful minutes seems like an impossible dream for so many women – particularly those of us who are Mums.

While finding a regular time to step back for a solid period of meditation time is wonderful (and I highly recommend it), I’ve found that busy Mums need something different. Something they can use in those brief fleeting moments of time they have when all children are simultaneously fed, happy, toileted and otherwise engaged (eg. during the 13 minutes in which Octonauts is on ABC Kids).

Which is why I encourage the notion of Micro-Mindfulness for Mums.

Because small, frequent and regular one to five minute bursts of mindfulness can have as much of an impact on your day as one big block of time.

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