Pelvic Organ Prolapse – Interview with Heba Shaheed, The Pelvic Expert

Pelvic Organ Prolapse is a serious condition affecting many women, particularly those in the postnatal period. However, it is an often misunderstood, or even unknown, condition to so many.

In a world where so many women of all ages are reluctant to even say the word “vagina” out loud, it’s perhaps unsurprising that a condition affecting a woman’s vagina and the rest of her pelvic region is still not widely spoken about.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse affects one in every two to three postnatal women

But with statistics showing that between 30 to 50pc of postnatal women experiencing a prolapse, this is clearly a topic that needs more awareness.

Particularly because Pelvic Organ Prolapse can have such a significant impact on a woman’s overall physical wellbeing, and her sense of body image, self esteem and mental health – particularly if it is left untreated.

In this interview I speak with Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Heba Shaheed, who provides us with advice on what Pelvic Organ Prolapse is, how and why it occurs and how we can treat and prevent it. Heba has such a wonderful way of explaining this issue and I’m sure you’ll love her ‘balls and rubber bands’ imagery, which makes this topic so much easier to comprehend.

Click the link below to watch:

Great information hey? Heba has such a great knowledge on all areas pelvic health. If you want to connect with her you can find her website here, connect with her on twitter here, or visit her facebook page here.

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This video was initially recorded as a bonus content module for the Bloom Wellbeing postnatal wellbeing program, Core Floor Restore. For more information on Core Floor Restore, visit

All about alignment – interview with Dream Life Coach, Soli Goodes

All about alignment – interview with Dream Life Coach, Soli Goodes


If you’ve been hanging around the personal development world at all recently, you’ll know it’s a bit of a buzz word out there right now.

But it’s SO MUCH MORE than a buzz word. It’s actually a really important factor in figuring out who we are as people, what makes us tick, what lights us up, and what we should be doing with our time.

Now, just for the record, in this post, alignment is all about purpose and living a meaningful life, in accordance with your own values, needs and wants. We’re not talking today about the biomechanical alignment of your body parts (though that’s just as important! This is another reason I love the concept of alignment – you get double the bang for your buck with this one little word.

I often see that poor life alignment is “the missing link” for many people. Sometimes, even when everything is “going right” in our lives and we seem to “have it all” with a coveted job, gorgeous partner, happy kids, beautiful home, solid nutrition, great movement habits and focused mindset, we can still feel like something is missing. We can still be unhappy, miserable, anxious, frustrated, even angry. And then of course there’s the guilt. “I have so much, why am I still unhappy? I shouldn’t be so ungrateful, I should try harder to be happy.”

It’s really quite frustrating because outwardly there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong – but we still have that gut feeling that something isn’t quite right. It can often come down to living a life that isn’t in alignment with your core values as a person, and which doesn’t provide you with meaning or fulfilment. It’s something that’s difficult to truly understand, until you start to really dig deep into your own heart and soul, and figure out what you truly WANT out of life, and what truly FEELS right for you, both physically and mentally.

In OT speak, we call this “Meaningful Occupation” – doing the things and roles that are meaningful, purposeful and enjoyable to the individual. In personal development land, they call it alignment. It’s one and the same.

I recently caught up with the wonderful Soli Goodes, Dream Life Coach and owner of Business Goddess to talk all about alignment. This interview was recorded as a bonus feature for the participants in my Busy Woman’s Stress Makeover program, but again I’ve decided to share it for free with everyone. I’m so excited to bring this interview to you as we had so much fun recording it. Honestly, we could have sat there for a couple of hours chatting away, but we’ve done you a favour and kept it to around 20 minutes!

Soli Goodes, Dream Life Coach and director of

Soli Goodes, Dream Life Coach and director of

In the interview we talk about:

  • What alignment is
  • How to tell if you’re living a life out of alignment
  • How to get back on track to being IN alignment

So grab yourself a juice or a cuppa and get comfy to have a listen. And don’t forget to let us know what you think, either in the comments, or on the Bloom Wellbeing facebook page.

Until next time, keep well and live your best life.


Sarah xx

Is feminism to blame for the Women’s Stress Epidemic?

Is feminism to blame for the Women’s Stress Epidemic?

Why are women so stressed? Why are we getting sicker and sicker? Why are adrenal fatigue, anxiety and depression at an all time high? Why do we now face a concept known as “Rushing Women’s Syndrome”.

Why is the current state of women’s health so poor, when we have more resources than ever to supposedly keep us healthy?

It’s a difficult question to answer and there are so many variables for every woman experiencing overwhelming stress and dysfunction. But there are a few common threads, and in this interview, fellow Occupational Therapist, Jac Edser, and I have a candid discussion about what we see in our practices on a regular basis.

Occupational Therapists, Jac Edser (left) and Sarah Hausler.

Occupational Therapists, Jac Edser (left) and Sarah Hausler.


Here’s just a few of the topics we cover in this discussion:

  • Why there is a global stress epidemic facing women at this current time
  • Why women are more susceptible to stress than men
  • How the desire to “have it all” has contributed to our stress epidemic
  • Why the feminist movement has been both friend and foe
  • How we can be more in tune with our “feminine power” and utilise this, rather than trying to create more “masculine” energies which can create stress
  • The link between physical and emotional wellbeing
  • How we can learn to “listen to our bodies” to help attain optimal physical and emotional wellbeing.

(ps. we recorded this interview as a bonus for my Busy Women’s Stress Makeover program, but it’s so good I want to share it with everyone!)

Have a listen below, and don’t forget to let me know what you think of our chat. Did you have any “Aha!” moments. Did it confirm some of your gut feelings about your own life? Or do you disagree completely?


Thanks for listening!

Until next time, Live Your Best Life.

Cheers, Sarah xx

Could STRESS be your BFF?

Could STRESS be your BFF?

I often start my stress management presentations with this phrase:

“Stress is actually our friend”.

Now let me tell you, lots of people are thrown by that comment. I see plenty of rolled eyes and raised eyebrows, usually mixed with an acerbic “Hmph! Yeah, right”. Actually, I’m quite surprised I haven’t been told to “eff off” yet. Lucky we live in a civilised society!

But it’s true. Stress, in its purest evolutionary form, actually IS our friend.

Take the well-worn “cavewoman vs sabre tooth tiger” analogy. We need to be “stressed” when that big cat pounces on us, because we need the enormous physiological boost the “fight or flight response” provides. We need the blood to drain from our non-essential organs, such as our uterus or large intestine, and flood our heart and leg muscles, to help us run like the clappers across the savannah and make our escape!

Because that’s what the stress response is designed for – to help our body physiologically prepare for those times we need to fight or flight.

So it translates over into modern life too – the stress response works wonders when we’re caught in an exceptional circumstance. Think everyday Mums somehow lifting a crashed car single-handedly to free their trapped child, or that mad dash you made to the Sass and Bide section of Myer during last years Boxing Day sale. In these situations we don’t want to be kept wanting, we NEED the physical boost of the stress response in this moment.

So hell yeah, stress is totally our friend.

But the stress response is only our friend as long as we’re its friend. And as with most friends, it doesn’t like being taken advantage of.


Sure, it’s more than happy to help out every now and then. But once you start demanding too much of it, say relying on it to meet every deadline, run for every bus, and get you to 13 different extracurricular activities for your kids on time, every single week – it starts to get fed up.

Eventually you wear out your stress-friend’s reserves, and the time will come when she’s simply not there for you anymore. That’s it. You’ve depleted her and you’re on your own honey!

That’s what’s known as adrenal fatigue. And that’s no fun. Just ask anyone who’s been there.

So in summary, no, you probably don’t want stress as your BFF.

But she makes a damn fine “In Case of Emergency” contact – use her only when you must!


Until next time,

Make friends with stress and live your best life!

Sarah xx

PMS – (not so) welcome back!!

Confession time. I was an out-and-out cow this weekend. Completely, and for no apparent reason.

All weekend I was cranky, picking at my husband, yelling at my kids, calling myself fat and doubting my own ability to do absolutely everything. I felt like I could barely cook breakfast successfully, let alone run a household, build my business and raise two daughters. Everything was just SO. FREAKING. HARD!

Of course I knew what the problem was. PMS. The monthly nemesis of so many women. My old frienemy!

I knew my period was coming. Intellectually, I knew what the problem was, all weekend I kept telling myself – “chill honey, it’s just PMS!” but that wasn’t enough to break me out of my funk. “Shut your stupid face!”, my old frienemy would spit back. “I’m allowed to be grumpy and I’m going to be grumpy dammit!”. It’s amazing how all notion of common sense and the best intentions of mindfulness and gratitude are no match for a wildly out of control hormone disruption!

This little bout of pre-menstrual funk took me by surprise to be honest. I actually haven’t had PMS for probably the past year, not since I really started cleaning up my act, lifestyle and nutrition-wise. But there was a time, not that long ago, when hormonal fluctuations were a regular problem in my life. Not only at that time of month, but also around ovulation. So every fortnight I was riding an emotional roller coaster for four of five days at a time.

What it boiled down to was, that for every 28 days, I felt like shit for about 10 of them. On those 10 days I was, quite frankly, a moody cow and a not very nice person to be around. It didn’t meld well for a harmonious household, it put an awful strain on my relationships with my hubby and daughters, and it certainly was’t the fun, carefree life I was used to living. Needless to say, I was pretty concerned and knew I had to do something about it – and pretty fast.

So I cleaned up my act. I took a good hard look at my lifestyle and here’s what I found:

* I was eating crap – way too much sugar in particular- hello insulin spikes and the resultant hormonal interplay.

* I wasn’t moving enough – movement is a huge stress reliever for me, plus less movement meant I wasn’t getting outdoors as much.

* I had a terrible sleep routine – late nights and not enough hours of sleep in general.

* I had a shitty mindset – oh woe is me, poor me, nothing goes right, blah, blah, blah.

This is all the stuff I worked ridiculously hard on back then to turn it all around. And it really worked, because pretty much since that time I haven’t had a single bout of PMS – until this month.

Why now? Well, when I look back on the past couple of months, guess what I realised? Yep. I’d let all of the things slip again. It’s been a rough few months, my beautiful Pa passed away, we’ve had teething, sick and eczema-ridden kidlets and several work stresses – plus – it’s winter (read: lack of Vitamin D!). I’m not listing those as excuses, I’m listing them as background. I’m taking full responsibility for dropping the ball in terms of my own health and wellbeing.

And this bout of PMS? Well it’s been a good wake up call. Because I don’t want to be PMS-Sarah for even two days out of the month, and I’m certainly not planning on letting her take hold and be in control of 10 days per month again!

So many of us just write our PMS off as something we have no control over, it’s just another thing adding stress to our lives. But I now know that my PMS is actually a symptom of stress, not a cause. It’s one of my body’s warning signals that something isn’t quite right. I’ve also learned I need to pay attention to my body when it talks to me! Before it starts screaming and throwing hissy fits!

So it’s time to re-group, re-focus and take control of my wellbeing again. How so?? Stay tuned and I’ll explain my action plan in the next few blog posts.

Until next time,

Be well.

Sarah xx