‘Kimochis’ is a social-emotional learning and character education program. Participants will learn how to:

  • recognise and manage emotions,
  • demonstrate care and concern for others,
  • establish positive relationships,
  • make responsible decisions and;
  • handle challenging situations constructively.

The Kimochis programs run for 9 weeks throughout school terms.

During the 9 weeks the program is split into 2 units:

  • During the first unit (week 1-5) your child will be introduced to the five Kimochis Characters, each with a different personality. 
  • The second unit (week 6-9) the focus is on the Kimochis Keys to communication that help participants learn how to listen openly, make good choices, be willing to speak in respectful and responsible ways and be open to negotiating problems. 


The Kimochis is suitable for 5-8 year olds.

The 5 characters help children explore and manage their big feelings and different behaviours, and with the help of the characters, identify ways to confront any situation in a positive and helpful way.

  • Lovey Dove helps with worried feelings and celebrating others!
  • Cat can sometimes have cranky feelings but learns to apologise and forgives.
  • Cloud can sometimes be unpredictable but is working on words.
  • Huggtopus has BIG feelings but sometimes forgets about boundries!
  • Bug does not like change, but still looks at the positives!



The first step to joining this program is by filling out the group program application form here. Once completed please email this form to groups@bloomwellbeing.com.au 

All new clients to Bloom Wellbeing will need to complete a 30 minute Group Program Screening Interview with our Group Program Coordinator prior to enrolling in a program. This ensures we place the client in the correct program to see them flourish.

The Screening Interview costs $43.69 and is claimable under NDIS. Ideally, this would be completed with yourself, the parent/guardian.

Appointments can be booked online here, please put in the comments if it will be in person, over the phone or zoom. Or alternatively you can call the clinic on (08) 7228 0248 


 The full cost of this program is $792.04

A $43.39 screening consult fee is also payable (for new clients only).

Group costs may be claimable under your NDIS plan, providing the group meets your NDIS plan goals. This will be covered in your screening interview, if you want more information.

Please note: Agency managed NDIS clients will not be able to claim the cost of this program on their NDIS plan, as we are not a registered NDIS provider.


Our next Kimochis program will be held at the Port Adelaide clinic:

Term 4 – Tuesday afternoons at 4pm – 12th October to 7th December


Please check out the Facebook event page here.