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Puberty Plus
Online Program

Online puberty education for young people with autism and disability

Are you looking for a resource to support a young autistic, neuro-diverse or disabled person in your life who is approaching puberty?

Puberty Plus is that resource!

Puberty Plus Online is the digital version of our popular group programs – Well Girls and Being Boys – that we have run in our Adelaide based paediatric Occupational Therapy clinic for the past four years. 


  • Affordable, online, self-paced
  • Occupational Therapist created and led
  • Specifically designed to support young people with autism, neurodivergence and disability
  • Pricing starts from just $197 – which you may be able to claim in your self-managed or plan-managed NDIS funding, depending on your plan goals. 
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What’s this program all about?

This program is all about PUBERTY!!

Everyone goes through puberty, but young people with autism can often find this process particularly challenging, due to sensory issues, difficulty with change and transitions, or with social norms and constructs.

There’s so many changes happening, that it can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to know where to find straightforward, accurate advice.

That’s why we created this program.

It’s designed to give lots of detailed information on the many different topics related to puberty. It’s also delivered in a very practical, logical way, to make it really easy to understand, while still being very informative.

There are 10 sections to the program – and that is because puberty is such a big topic to cover. A LOT HAPPENS to us during this time of our life. So we’ve tried our best to break it down into smaller chunks of information for your child to learn, bit by bit.

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What do we cover in Puberty Plus?

Our most important message to young people is that puberty is totally normal and happens to everyone! 

While some of the topics covered may not be relevant to your child, the program is designed so that you can skip the parts you don't need.

We recognise that many young people undertaking this course may identify as trans, non-binary or be gender-questioning. So we've put everything in the one gender-inclusive program. We believe it is important for all people to understand how bodies of all genders are structured and function.

Topics covered:

  • Getting to know yourself
  • Your body
  • Keeping it clean: all about hygiene
  • Menstruation - getting your period
  • Menstruation - managing your period
  • Big feelings
  • The people around you
  • Friends & peer pressure 
  • Gender stereotypes
  • Being more confident


* The program also includes a section containing several fun practical activities, that may require assistance from an adult e.g. to collect the supplies you need and help with safety. 

Ready to get started?

Puberty Plus Online is a self-paced version of our in-person Puberty Plus program. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world, via your PC, laptop or tablet, for just $A197

If you are a self or plan managed NDIS client, you may also be able to seek reimbursement for the cost of this program from the NDIS.

You may also want to arrange for one of our OTs or OT Assistants to provide you with weekly Zoom support to work through the program online, which may be covered under your NDIS funding.