Crunch!! Smash!!!!

That’s never a sound you want to hear when you’re driving. But it’s what I heard on Wednesday when I managed to smash the side mirror of my car while backing of the garage! Oops!

It was one of those “rush rush, hurry up, quick, get in the car, we’re running late!” kind of mornings. And basically, I was paying more attention to changing the car CD player to the Frozen soundtrack (at my girls’ request), than I was to the alignment of my car going through the roller door! Smash!

Cue an unintentional F-bomb and a lot of “Uh-oh” noises from my girls.

Of course, I don’t really blame Frozen. And I certainly don’t blame my girls. I take full responsibility for this little bungle. I was rushing too much and not paying attention.

But today’s post isn’t about blame, or even responsibility, that’s a whole other post. Today’s post is about the little things that have a big impact on our life.

Currently, my mirror is held together with sticky tape while I wait for a replacement to be fitted on Monday. But in the meantime, I’ve been driving around without the use of my side mirror. And you know what – I’m completely LOST without it. All of a sudden this skill that I’ve been confident and competent at for almost two decades seems all out of sorts! I’m now nervous while I’m driving, and it throws me all out of sync. I keep twisting around looking everywhere before I change lanes because I don’t have this one little item that I’ve previously taken for granted, but is now, all of a sudden, so incredibly valuable!

It was this revelation which made me think of how sometimes the littlest things are the ones that make a BIG difference in our lives.

With regard to it’s size, that side mirror is probably less than one percent of the total mass of my car – but without it – the way I use that car has TOTALLY changed. I don’t trust myself as much when I drive and I’m just slightly more on edge every time I get in the driver’s seat.

So the way my brain works, I naturally started comparing this to how it’s the little things we do that can have a huge impact on our health. When we get busy or tired or stressed, it’s often the little, seemingly insignificant things we give up first. It’s the five minute tea break we don’t take because a deadline is due. It’s the ten minute meditation we skip each morning because we got to bed late last night. It’s the 15 minute walk to the shops we forgo in favour of a two minute car ride, because we’re simply too busy. It’s the weekly yoga class you no longer go to, because you feel guilty about leaving hubby on his own with the kids for a couple of hours.

We all do this from time to time. And we kid ourselves that it doesn’t really make that big a difference. But does it?

Do you feel it? Do you feel how, by taking away all those little things, your life doesn’t quite FUNCTION right? It doesn’t feel as good. There’s something missing. You’ve lost a little bit of your get up and go. You have to think a little bit harder to get through every day. You’re twisting around in all directions trying to figure out what you’ve forgotten. Because that little thing that takes just one percent of your time, is likely to contribute a much bigger percentage with regard to your wellbeing.

So my question to you today is this – what “little things” have you stripped from your life. The little, pleasurable self-care and self-preservation tasks you’ve done away with in favour of the busy-stuff, the chores, the “someone-else’s-agenda” tasks.

Figure out what those things are. And put them back into your life.

Because little things make a big difference.

Until next time, be well.

Sarah xxx