Yowzer – we blinked, and now it’s February!

Surely that was the fastest January on record. Or was it just me?

Way back in December (the month before last, now) I decided as part of my 2014 goals I was going to set myself a series of mini month-long personal health challenges. I have since discovered my awesome running buddy is doing the same – so it’ll be interesting to see which challenge we each come up with each month.

For January, my challenge was to start a daily meditation practice. But I have to admit, it wasn’t quite as successful as I had hoped. I probably meditated about half the days of the month, which is still an improvement on zero days of meditation per month. But it wasn’t my goal to only meditate every second day.

What went wrong? Heaps of things really – teething babies, new jobs, start up business demands, blah, blah. But those are simply just excuses. What really went wrong was the fact I didn’t make my intentions public. I didn’t shout it out to the world. It happens so often – we set ourselves a goal – but we don’t actually tell anyone, or even write it down or say it out loud to ourself. So then, if we don’t follow through and the goal isn’t attained, it doesn’t really matter because we’ve got no-one to be accountable for it anyway. Right?

Not this month. Not for February. So in the spirit of FebFast, here’s my intention for this month.

I’m giving up alcohol and chocolate for the entire month. (Insert shocked gasp here!)

How on earth am I going to manage, you ask?

Well honestly, I’m fairly sure the alcohol is not going to be a problem. I didn’t drink at all for an 18 month period while I was pregnant and breastfeeding my little Mooch. In fact, it’s only been in the past three months, since she finally dropped her night feeds that I started having the occasional glass of wine with dinner. So why give it up then? On two occasions over the Christmas party period I had about three or four drinks – which is nothing in comparison to my olden days efforts! But on both occasions I woke up the next day with a shocker of a head cold, both lasting about a week. Initially I wrote them off as coincidence. (Silly me, we know there’s no coincidences in life, right?)

But then, after Australia Day last weekend, it happened again. Third time’s the charm. Fast forward seven days and I’m still recovering from that cold. So clearly alcohol is doing funky things to my immune system and it’s time to call it quits for a while.

And then – the chocolate! This one is going to be much harder to give up. I’ve never really considered myself a chocaholic sort of girl, though I do seriously love the stuff! But I’m quitting it this month because I can see that it does have some kind of hold on me. I have this little habit of “rewarding” myself with chocolate every time I do the groceries. Which I’m now realising really isn’t healthy. Even though I mostly stick to the good quality, dark chocolate. It’s still not cool to inhale half the block on the drive home from the supermarket.

So that habit is going too! Give me strength.

I’ll keep you posted through the month on how I’m doing. So far, I’ve managed to survive two whole days – go team!

How about you? What are you giving up for FebFast? What do you dare live without for the next 26 days?