It’s not often I strike up conversations with strange men on street corners. But I did yesterday.

Well, actually, it was a jetty, not a street corner. And he wasn’t really a strange man, just a stranger.

I was waiting on the jetty for a friend – taking photos of the sunny beach scene with my iPhone to pass the time. I saw a man running past, sopping wet in his bike shorts with his race number scrawled all over his arms – I smiled at him – I always tend to smile at joggers. He stopped to ask whether I wanted him to take the photo so I could be in it. And we started to chat.

Turns out, he’d just finished a jetty-to-jetty swim with his Masters Swimming club. He was 47, a single Dad to two teenage boys and committed to keeping himself fit and healthy, in order to be a good role model for them.

Bingo – I thought! Good on him. This dude looked fitter than your average 25 year old bloke. He was focused, he had goals. He wanted to live his best life, and he wanted his kids to do the same. He wanted them to “hit the beach, have fun”, but not get caught up in the culture of drugs and alcohol.

It made me think about my oxygen mask post Рabout looking after yourself in order to set a good example and look after others.

So, even though this site is dedicated to Mums, I couldn’t help but give kudos to this Dad. Well done healthy¬†Dad!