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Bloom Wellbeing is a family wellbeing service based in the beautiful city of Adelaide. We provide consultancy and therapeutic services for individuals and groups, from an Occupational Therapy framework. We specialise in working with postnatal women, and their babies and young children. The services we provide includes postnatal rehabilitation and pilates, postnatal mental health, infant and child development, and mother-infant relationship services.

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My lost Mother's Group

Something interesting popped up on my personal Facebook feed today, it was a memory from three years ago of the little announcement I made about u...
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Happy Mothers Day

Daughter. Sister. Friend. Student. Athlete. Worker. Confidante. Non-comformist. Activist. Performer. Lover. Artist. ...
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What was I thinking?

Do you see that mole there. That little one to the left of my chin? Back when I was a teenager I used to think that mole gave me something in c...
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Poor toileting habits early in life can lead to continence issues down the track.

Postnatal Incontinence - not just muscle weakness

Whenever I talk to mothers (and fathers) about toilet training toddlers I always start with the suggestion that learning how to go to the toilet is a ...
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