Professional Occupational Therapy support for children, mothers and families in Adelaide’s western suburbs.

Connected families

Families are all about connection, but sometimes connection doesn’t come easily due to a number of factors. Occupational Therapy can support parents to better understand their child’s development needs in order to create lasting, quality connections to support their family into the future.

Thriving Children

Bloom Wellbeing provides paediatric Occupational Therapy services that are child focused in a collaborative manner with parents and carers. We are registered with the NDIS and can provide services at home, or from our clinic at Seaton.

Meaningful Motherhood

Becoming a mother is a big life change. This role brings with it significant emotional adjustments which can cause women to feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and sometimes even depressed. Occupational Therapy can be of great benefit to any mother experiencing emotional difficulties during her motherhood journey.

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