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The teenage years can be a minefield for girls – puberty, body image issues, stress, anxiety and dealing with the mean girls. Bloom Wellbeing has a range of services to support teenage girls.

The Baby Years

Having a baby is one of the most rewarding, but also one of the most challenging experiences a woman will face. There’s an enormous number of emotional and physical adjustments required on the journey to motherhood, and we’re not always well equipped to traverse these on our own. Bloom Wellbeing can help.

The Third Age Woman

Beyond the baby making days, women can still have significant issues with their physical and emotional wellbeing. This “third age” of womanhood brings with it its own challenges: unresolved physical issues from childbirth, emotional challenges of changing life roles and peri-menopause. It’s never too late for women to learn more about their body and mind, and there’s always something to learn.

Cancer Rehabilitation

Sadly, cancer is now affecting more of our lives than ever before. It’s a disease that impacts not only on the physical body, but also on an emotional and spiritual level. Specialised cancer rehabilitation can offer one to one and small group support for women experiencing or recovering from cancer and it’s treatment.

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