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At Bloom Wellbeing we love a freebie!! Click the images below to download some of our free puberty and wellbeing related resources.

Getting My Period Social Story
Period Products Explained Ebook
Practical Wellbeing Activities eBook

Check out our range of Puberty Plus books available for sale

Piper Gets Her Period
Puberty Plus Handbook
Puberty Plus Handbook

Looking for an online puberty education for young people with autism and disability?

Are you looking for a resource to support a young autistic, neuro-diverse or disabled person in your life who is approaching puberty?

Puberty Plus is that resource!

Puberty Plus Online is the digital version of our popular group programs – Well Girls and Being Boys – that we have run in our Adelaide based paediatric Occupational Therapy clinic for the past four years. 


  • Affordable, online, self-paced
  • Occupational Therapist created and led
  • Specifically designed to support young people with autism, neurodivergence and disability
  • Pricing starts from just $197 – which you may be able to claim in your self-managed or plan-managed NDIS funding, depending on your plan goals. 
Group of hugging and laughing kids

Ready to get started?

Puberty Plus Online is a self-paced version of our in-person Puberty Plus program. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world, via your PC, laptop or tablet, for just $A197

If you are a self or plan managed NDIS client, you may also be able to seek reimbursement for the cost of this program from the NDIS.

You may also want to arrange for one of our OTs or OT Assistants to provide you with weekly Zoom support to work through the program online, which may be covered under your NDIS funding.