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Looking for more information or resources? Bloom Wellbeing founder Sarah Hausler has specially created our books and course to help neurodivergent, and autistic children understand puberty, menstruation and getting their period in a way that is easy to follow and highly relatable.



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Puberty Plus Online Program
From $197

Are you looking for a resource to support a young autistic, neuro-diverse or disabled person in your life who is approaching puberty?

Puberty Plus Online is the digital version of our popular group programs – Well Girls and Being Boys – that we have run in our Adelaide-based paediatric Occupational Therapy clinic for the past four years. 


  • Affordable, online, self-paced
  • Occupational Therapist created and led
  • Specifically designed to support young people with autism, neurodivergence and disability
  • Pricing starts from just $197 – which you may be able to claim in your self-managed or plan-managed NDIS funding, depending on your plan goals.