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Piper Gets Her Period


‘Piper Gets Her Period’ is an 80 page full colour e-book about menstruation, specifically written to be easily accessed and understood by girls with autism.


‘Piper Gets Her Period’ starts with an illustrated narrative story about Piper on the day she gets her very first period. The story is written as a literal and simple narrative, designed to be easy to follow and understand, yet highly relatable. The second part of the book includes a non-fiction, resource element which explains menstruation and related information in detail. Topics include:

  • What is menstruation?
  • Explanations of the physiology of periods
  • Advice on managing periods – eg tracking dates, using menstrual products
  • Information on the wide range of sanitary items.
  • Advice on self care during your period
  • Information on body symptoms during periods.
  • an extensive FAQ section which will include many of the questions girls want to know, but might be too embarrassed to ask about.

About the Author

‘Piper Gets Her Period’ is written by Sarah Hausler, Occupational Therapist and creator of the “Well Girls” puberty preparation program for girls with autism.

Sarah has 20 years experience as an Occupational Therapist, including five years running her own female focused Occupational Therapy business, Bloom Wellbeing.

Illustrations are by illustrator and graphic artist, Rita Sus.


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