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Well Girls
The Daisy Program


The Daisy Program is a version of our original Well Girls program, but specifically designed for girls with a dual diagnosis of both autism and intellectual or cognitive disability.

Each session contains a combination of warm up activities, educational component, and practical
activities. The activities for each session will be discussed with the group and put up on a visual schedule at the start of each session.

Female health and wellbeing is a diverse topic – there are many wellbeing considerations that are unique to females in the pre-teen age group and impact how we live our lives.


In WELL Girls Daisy we present this information in a developmentally appropriate manner, which supports girls with dual diagnosis of both autism intellectual or cognitive disability to learn at their own pace, and in their own way. The subjects we cover include:

  • menstruation and pelvic health – understanding and functionally managing periods and building good toileting and pelvic health habits for life,
  • body development and personal hygiene – What’s happening to my body and why? How do I care for it?
  • hormonal changes of puberty – and how these affect us physically and emotionally at this time of life.
  • big feelings and how to manage them
  • navigating friendships

The Well Girls Daisy Program is a personal life skills program for girls aged 8-12 with a dual diagnosis of autism and intellectual disability.

    Group Program Screening Interview: All new clients to Bloom Wellbeing will need to complete a Group Program Screening Interview prior to enrolling to ensure they are placed in the correct program to see them flourish.

    The Screening Interview will cost $43.39 and is claimable under NDIS, and will be included in the first invoice if the child is enrolled into one of our group programs. The appointment can be booked online here, or alternatively call the clinic on (08) 7228 0248. This appointment will be a Phone Consult unless otherwise specified in the comments when booking. 

    Prior to the first appointment please complete the online group client information form, which will be sent with the appointment confirmation email.

    We ask that this appointment is with the Parent/Carer (Support Workers also welcome) only (no children) to allow us to talk freely about any issues or concerns. 


    Total Cost of Program: $851.99
    This includes:

    – Course cost $792.04 – 9 x group program sessions plus program & resource preparation fee (to be billed with the first invoice).

    – Handbook cost $59.95 (to be billed with the first invoice).

    Our next Well Girls Daisy program is yet to be scheduled.


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