Welcome to our NEWEST club – THE LEGO CLUB!

In the Lego Club we combine the love of Lego with many different skills including;

  • social
  • communication
  • creativity
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • instruction following
  • and so much more……

 The Lego Club runs for 9 weeks of 1.5 hour sessions, during school terms.

During each session we begin with a warm up activity followed by a weekly group challenge. The weekly challenge is designed to encourage participation to get creative and work together, improving their social problem solving skills.

These challenges will be followed by engagement in a whole group project which we will continue to build on over each week – the subject of this design will be decided during the first session as a group.



The Lego Club is conducted in a group setting which is sure to appeal to a wide range of 8-12 year old children who want to develop their social problem solving skills.

The Lego club is based on the “Lego Therapy guidelines”

The program will run with a maximum of 8 participants, and two facilitators.

The first step to joining this program is by filling out the group program application form here. Once completed please email this form to groups@bloomwellbeing.com.au

All new clients to Bloom Wellbeing will need to complete a 30 minute Group Program Screening Interview with our Group Program Coordinator prior to enrolling in a program. This ensures we place the client in the correct program to see them flourish. The Screening Interview costs $43.69 and is claimable under NDIS. Ideally, this would be completed with yourself, the parent/guardian.

Appointments can be booked online here, please put in the comments if it will be in person, over the phone or zoom. Or alternatively you can call the clinic on (08) 7228 0248

The full cost of this program is $1083.01

A $43.69 screening consult fee is also payable (for new clients only).

Group costs may be claimable under your NDIS plan, providing the group meets your NDIS plan goals. This will be covered in your screening interview, if you want more information.

Please note: Agency managed NDIS clients will not be able to claim the cost of this program on their NDIS plan, as we are not a registered NDIS provider.

Our next Lego Club program will be held at the Port Adelaide clinic in 2022, at a date and time yet to be scheduled.

Please like and follow our Facebook Page to look out for announcements, or email groups@bloomwellbeing.com.au to be added to our mailing list for Lego Club.