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Occupational Therapy for Mums?

Occupational Therapy for Mums?

“So you’re a Occupational Therapist for Mums? I thought OTs just worked with kids?”

This is a comment I get quite a lot! Mostly because the field of Women’s Health OT is pretty new – particularly in the area of post-natal wellbeing. But that’s cool, because while it means that “OT for Mums” is not well known, it’s super-exciting (for me at least!).

So while you may not have heard much about the work OTs do with Mums, we can and do play a vital role – particularly for new Mums adjusting to the enormous demands of being a parent.

Becoming a Mum is about so much more than just caring for a baby. It’s also about caring for yourself. Creating, learning, developing and nurturing your new “occupation” of motherhood – it’s a lot more involved than simply changing nappies and choosing the right brand of stroller!


Motherhood is an occupation so vast that it changes EVERY single aspect of your life. Physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually – you are never quite the same person you were once you’ve become a Mum. And you’ll never be the same again.

It’s an enormous adjustment on so many levels. And, unfortunately, in today’s society we don’t live in the “village” culture of yesteryear where we would observe and instinctually learn all we need to know about being a Mum from the other women around us.

This is why new Mums in our society need to seek out this support and professional advice. Which is where Occupational Therapy comes in.

At its heart, the profession of Occupational Therapy is all about helping people to function optimally in the different roles within their life – and what more important role is there than being a Mum?

As a mum of two young girls myself, I am passionate about post-natal health and wellbeing.

Throughout my work and personal life, I’ve seen first hand the impact of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting on the emotional and physical wellbeing and functioning of new mums. Mostly positive impacts, but sadly, there are so often also negative impacts. And these negative impacts can be life altering if women aren’t provided with the right support, information and guidance on how to adjust to, and overcome, these impacts.

Which is why I created Bloom Wellbeing, my Women’s Health OT private practice. With 15 years of experience as an OT in the fields of vocational rehabilitation, mental health and physical rehabilitation, I realised I could use my knowledge and experience from these varied areas, and apply them to the specific needs of new mums. All those skills and all that knowledge I’d learned could be used to help new Mums overcome many of the physical and emotional conditions common to post-natal women.

Through Bloom Wellbeing it’s my ultimate goal to recreate that “village”, to support women to adjust to the physical and emotional demands of motherhood. To bring women together, to share information, guidance and support, with the main aim being to assist women to avoid or recover from injuries, or simply improve their general health and wellbeing after having a baby.

I’d love for you to join me in this village!

Cheers, Sarah